Ellie Drennan


16 Jan 2021

The Factory Theatre
Marrickville, NSW Australia

18+. On Sale.

Australia’s first mental health music festival, Torch Fest, will be coming to Sydney on 16th January 2021! The light that gets you through.

Listen Up Music will complete a full complex takeover of The Factory Theatre, and all 6 of its stages, to put on music, mental health and comedy for a purposefully intimate crowd of up to 1,200 attendees.

55+ artists will take to the 4 stages of music across the duration of the 1 day festival.

All performers on the day will perform their Torch Song, the light that gets you through, as part of their set and the festival will distribute battery-powered torches to each attendee to flick on when each of the Torch Songs are played throughout the day.

The festival will attract attendees that want to see their favourite artists in an up-close-and-personal setting, not in a sprawling field with thousands of people, and will enable artists and fans alike to feel safe, and be vulnerable if they feel the need, through a unique experience.

In addition to the music stages, Torch Fest will house a stage of comedy, featuring ten comedians, and a stage with dedicated mental health programming, featuring mindfulness, music meditation, music therapysilent disco and mental health talks and will provide attendees with tools and resources to take care of their own, and others’, mental health.

Tickets on sale, from Ticketek, at 12pm on Thursday 6th August!