Rochelle Pitt Joins APRA AMCOS as Ambassador

Posted 3 Apr 2018

Today, we’re pleased to announce that AM’s Rochelle Pitt has been appointed as an Ambassador for APRA AMCOS.

APRA AMCOS is a not for profit music rights organisation representing the rights and advocating for songwriters, composers and music publishers.

As an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander musician herself, the new Ambassador role is an important one for Rochelle who explained in an interview her vision of making a difference in her community when it comes to music rights. “I would love to get to rural and remote communities and talk to our musicians, singers and songwriters to educate as well as facilitate with ‘Bama’ people to understand that their music is a precious cultural commodity, where what they write can support them, their family and communities. Their musical intellectual property will be safe with APRA AMCOS and they need to be educated and supported in how to register and utilise APRA AMCOS”.

Check out the interview below to see what Rochelle’s been up to, her perspective on the industry, and how she wants to make a difference with her new role.