Ian Zaro is the Townsville funny man who’s rise of fame was somewhat accidental.

A class clown by nature, Zaro began uploading videos using Dub-smash, an app that lets users lip-sync over popular movies, songs and shows. His colourful and energetic presence fast drew attention, with his clips going viral for the right reasons (even generating international headlines more than once) along with millions of views, likes and shares.

Today, he is well known as the ‘Dub-smash’ King, ‘Your Blackness’, and for his signature hair which has its own fan-base alone. Ian has also amassed an online following of over 80,000 on his Facebook page, plus another 15,000+ followers across his other social media channels.

Call it luck, or destiny, but the opportunities that have since followed have been a dream come true for the talented 22-year old performer, who now enjoys a career spanning across comedy, writing, acting and presenting.

On television, his dream of appearing in a sketch comedy became a reality in 2016 after being approached by producers at ABC to feature and star in the second season of their ground-breaking series Black Comedy. With his face on television screens nationally, Ian became a hit audiences as he featured alongside some of Australia’s biggest indigenous stars. Since then, Zaro has gone on to feature in segments for 7 news, a TVC for Ace Voting, and he regularly appears across the NITV network in various commercials, segments and interviews across Australia.

As an online sensation, Ian’s social channels continue to be filled with witty and hilarious content which are enjoyed by mass audiences. Furthermore, his content has expanded to scripted pieces, collaborations, and online endorsements & advertisements. He still does the odd Dub-smash videos for old time’s sake though!

As an emcee and presenter, Ian has appeared at numerous festivals, community and corporates events, where he continues to engage, and entertain audiences with rave reviews.

Aside from his entertainment commitments, Zaro also advocates for many organisations and causes, in-particular those involving youth, and mental & physical wellbeing through public speaking gigs, workshops, marketing, ambassadorships and youth mentoring. He currently works at TAIHS Youth Homeless Shelter.

2019 is set to be another busy year for Ian with television and online projects in the pipeline, and many more appearances locked in around Australia.