adjective •  au·gust •  \ ȯ-ˈgəst

“Inspiring reverence or admiration; of supreme dignity or grandeur; majestic”

Established in March 2016 by Joel Heywood, August MGMT offers representation and consulting to music artists, entertainers and clients across all scopes of the media, music and entertainment industries.

Our mission is driven by the objective to create sustainable and rewarding opportunities, with consistency and connection in mind. We take genuine pride in working with our talent from the ground up to create, develop and implement effective and working strategies around their set goals. We understand there is not a one size fits all philosophy when it comes to managing our clients, and with this in mind we are proud to tailor our strategy and services to suit our clients on an individual and personal level.

Since coming on board with August MGMT, our clients have worked for numerous corporate organisations, and done events at various clubs, schools, live venues, mine sites, festivals, community events, charities, not for profit organisations, supported national artists & bands, become ambassadors for leading brands, written and recorded with emerging and established producers and songwriters, and featured in TV programs, but this is only the start with plenty more to come.

At August, we are focused on high quality service delivery. Not only to the service we provide our clients, but also the industry professionals and stakeholders we interact and work with on a daily basis. We are passionate about team work, diversity, collaboration, equal opportunity, recognition for effort and working cooperatively to come up with the best solution, and a win-win for all.

Stay tuned for news on our talent including events and the happenings across our website and social media platforms.