Stiff Gins

Linear – Exhibition Launch

15 Nov 2019 @ 6:30pm

Powerhouse Museum
Ultimo, NSW Australia

18+. On Sale.

This exhibition is an exploration of the significance of line and lineage within Indigenous cultural narratives and practices across science, technology, design and aesthetics. It brings together the unique, diverse and personal voices of 10 leading Indigenous practitioners from across Australia.

Designed by the award-winning Jacob Nash, Murri man and Head of Design at Bangarra Dance Theatre, the exhibition explores themes of songline, lineage and cultural legacy through the stories, content and work from artists including Lorraine Connelly-Northey, Maree Clarke, Mikaela Jade, Nicole Monks, Glenda Nicholls, Wayne Quilliam, Lucy Simpson, Bernard Singleton, Lynette Wallworth, and Vicki West.

Whilst many of the stories in the exhibition might appear to be discrete – they are multi-dimensional and deeply interconnected. Even though they seem to travel to the right, to the left or straight ahead the narrative lines are always gulara (crossed).